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Where do the OpenTable reservation links lead when diners click them?

The reservation links we provide you are unique to each restaurant, and link to that restaurant’s reservation page on the OpenTable website.

How much technical knowledge do I need to implement reservation links from OpenTable?

You need to be comfortable with calling the Directory API. The directory will be returned by the API in JSON format, and you will need to build the links with that data.

Where should I place reservation links on my website or app?

Place the reservation links alongside listings of OpenTable restaurants on your website or app.

Can I use the OpenTable logo with the reservation links on my website or app?

Yes, you can include the OpenTable logo with the reservation links. In order to comply with affiliate terms and conditions, please include “Powered by OpenTable”

What restaurant information do I get to match with my own data?

Our API provides you with the restaurant’s name, address, longitude/latitude, and phone number.

What should I do if I want to propose a different integration to implementing reservations links to OpenTable?

If you have an integration idea that does not fit with our linking affiliate partnership, please email partnersupport@opentable.com.

How do I test the reservation links during the integration with my website or app?

You’ll get access for our pre-production and production environments. You can use the pre-production environment to test the links in your integration without affecting live production.

I receive an error when trying to access the Directory API. Where can I get support?

Check for updates on our API Status page. If you're still experiencing errors, let us know by writing api@opentable.com. Include your error message, so we can diagnose the issue more quickly.

How long does it usually take to launch links on my website or app?

Once OpenTable approves your partnership and sends you credentials to build reservation links, expect your integration to take 2 to 3 weeks. You’ll need to integrate with our pre-production environment, perform internal quality-assurance tests, then send it to OpenTable to perform additional QA tests and deploy the links in our production environment.

Do you have sample code for the Directory API in iOS and Android?

Fear not. We provide sample code for deep linking to the OpenTable iOS and Android apps.